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Street press journalist and culture vulture based in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy Australian hip hop, obsessively following television shows, healthy debate, baking and wine. My views are my own. Keep up to date with me on Twitter: @missaleksia

Paid maternity leave? It’s not about the money

There’s some shouting going on (and fair enough, too) because Tony Abbott wants “women of calibre” to produce offspring. Apparently we have enough children born of non-calibre women, and now we need more of those educated executive types to reproduce. Ugh. … Continue reading

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On shame.

It’s no secret that I’m quite tickled by the Nice Guys of OKCupid tumblr that sprung up in recent weeks. I love the juxtaposition of these so-called “nice guys” and their terrible, terrible worldviews. Having tried out a few dating … Continue reading

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So. Rape jokes.

I’ve seen a few comedians pull off this seemingly impossible task from time to time. Louis CK has managed it (is there anything he can’t do?). Glenn Wool did it earlier this year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and … Continue reading

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Whiteness and Privilege, or maybe Girls is actually the worst and that’s the whole point of it

I really like Girls, but I’ve struggled to reconcile my enjoyment of the show with the debate that’s raged about its whiteness. On one hand, I can definitely understand why people are frustrated that a show set in one of … Continue reading

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How many metres can I walk on my own at night?

I am desperately saddened by the latest news about Jill Meagher. Mixed in with my sorrow for this poor young woman and her family is fury. I’m angry about the condescending crap spouted by so many people over the last … Continue reading

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Everything that is wrong with everything. Ever.

I check Twitter before I even get out of bed in the morning. It’s an excellent way to start my day off angry about things. This morning, the intimidatingly intelligent Dr Jennifer Wilson (@noplaceforsheep) tweeted a link to a blog … Continue reading

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What would a genuinely flexible workplace look like?

I’ve been following the debate around Australia’s “insecure work” problem with some interest. As someone who’s been a casual, a freelancer, a short-term contracted employee and, rarely, a full-time permanent member of staff, I’ve heard a lot of justification for … Continue reading

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