Happy Street Press Day! (20-21 April)

Disclaimer: this new section is pretty much for my parents and friends in various states/countries who do not have easy access to their local street press rag. If you visit my blog to read my ramblings about various current affairs and political issues, please feel free to ignore this post!

As something of a time capsule of my various printed writings, I’m going to post the links to the publications in which my scribbles appear each week. The links will take you to the online flipbooks of the relevant Street Press Australia publication – are you excited yet? (Anyone?)

I realise that for some, this probably seems a bit vain/lame, but my folks keep asking me, “Are you still writing?” with this big concerned sound in their voices, so hopefully these posts will help calm their fears. (I’m putting them in a new category, to make them easy to skip if you so choose.)

3D World Melbourne (issue 1057): I write the weekly Eat & Drink review for the Melbourne mag. This week, the topic was “pizza”, so naturally I hit up The Lucky Coq (page 35).

Inpress (issue 1070): After a hectic festival season, we’re nearly caught up on live reviews! In this issue, you’ll find my (belated) review of The Waifs (page 42).

Drum Media Perth (issue 234): I finally got the opportunity to interview Drapht (page 14) – cross that one off my bucket list! I also jumped around with House of Pain (page 19). On the arts front, I spoke to Sam Routledge about theatre company My Darling Patricia’s new production, Africa (page 37).

There we go! Now, hopefully, my parents won’t think I gave up writing, and anyone who’s been reading my blog while thinking, “She’s not bad, but I wish she’d write about hip hop and theatre instead!” will be satisfied.


About missaleksia

Street press journalist and culture vulture based in Melbourne, Australia. I enjoy Australian hip hop, obsessively following television shows, healthy debate, baking and wine. My views are my own. Keep up to date with me on Twitter: @missaleksia
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